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EZ Set Septic Tank Riser and Lid Systems

EZ Set is the newest addition to Infiltrator’s family of products. These risers and lids are made from glass-reinforced polypropylene, providing them with superior strength. They come in green or black and in 20”, 24”, and 30” diameters making them ideal for use with any concrete or plastic septic tank. The slip resistant lids are fastened using stainless steel screws and can be further secured by installing locking rings to add another layer of safety.

20” Riser System

20” x 6” Riser (Green or Black)
20” x 12” Riser (Green or Black)
20” Lid (Green or Black)

24” Riser System

24” x 6” Riser (Green or Black)
24” x 12” Riser (Green or Black)
24” x 18” Riser (Green or Black)
24” Lid (Green or Black)

30” Riser System

30” x 12” Riser (Green or Black)
30” Lid (Green or Black)
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HomeAbout UsServicesSeptic PumpingOur FleetContact Us
ProductsGrease Trap PumpingConstruction ServicesHydro Jetting Other Pumping Services